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Every wine has a beginning. Marco’s Cellar is here for you and your story. Let us inspire you so that you can share your story.


Marco’s Cellar exists to invoke affluent stature focused on gathering a close group of alcoholics to share their love for wine and beat the status quo in the market. Marco's Cellar does all the hard work by handpicking and tasting every label of wine from all over the world that leave you wanting for more.

With over 90 years of business heritage in Singapore, our dynamic team keeps up with the times and has worked arduously to create an atmosphere of affluent stature. Whether bought by the bottle or by the crate, our team ensures a high level of dignity that will create conversations.

As we season our palate, let Marco’s Cellar invite all you alcoholics to join us in a journey of classy wine appreciation. Allow us inspire each other to create moments of zealous bliss for yourself and join a crazy bunch of drunkards to possess the absolute best quality of wine and spirits.

So raise your glass, join Marco’s Cellar and enjoy that euphoric sip.

Our Mission

To invoke affluent stature. Because why not drink in style and have fun while enjoying it at the same time.

Our Promise

We will deliver a unique experience through every bottle of wine to our esteemed so that you can get drunk in style.

Our Style

At Marco’s Cellar, we deliver magic in every bottle of alcohol. We create moments of bliss and live beyond the status quo.

More SME tap Myanmar’s potential

We are honored and privileged to be featured in the 8th Aug 2017 copy of The Business Times! We would like to thank Singapore Press Holdings for giving us the opportunity. We will continue to strive for excellence on every detail when serving our customers.


Marco’s Cellar wine separates itself by handpicking the best wines from the rest. We help our customers by handpicking the best quality of wines to suit their palate fit for any occasion. Established in Myanmar in 2015, Marco’s Cellar travels the world, speaks with wine connoisseurs and works with sommeliers to bring you exciting tastes all over the world. These range from classy premium wines to affordable ones for anyone to enjoy.


Marco’s Cellars spirits are chosen based on our successful partnerships with suppliers as well as the choices from our customers. If you are having a party or a drinking session and want some style to your occasion, our choice of spirits will add some spice to your life. Choose from Whiskey or Cognac with brands such as VSOP, XO and Nikka. Come get your spirits here today at Marco's Cellar Singapore.


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