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Have you been holding your wine glass correctly?

Apr 26, 2017 | Wine Education

Not only does holding your wine glass incorrectly make you look less classy, it also puts the glass of wine you are savouring to waste. What is the direct implication to this?

One of the most common mistakes of holding a wine glass is holding it by the bowl section. Did you know that by holding the wine glass by the bowl area, it can heat up the wine? The ideal serving temperature of most wines is approximately 17°C, therefore hand contact with that section can bring the wine out of its optimum temperature range fairly quickly.

The wrong way to hold a glass.

Hold your glass with style by pinching the stem with your index finger and thumb.

The correct way to hold a wine glass is by pinching the stem with your index finger and thumb as shown in the image above. There are several reasons as to why this is the correct method?

-This method helps keep the wine closer to the optimum serving temperature.

-It prevents smudging and keeps the bowl free of fingerprints, which allows you to assess the wine’s colour easily and thereby learn about it before even tasting it.

-It is easier to swirl your wine if you hold it by the stem. The action of swirling draws oxygen from the air, which opens the wine up, unlocks flavours and releases its aromas.

The next time you are invited to a socialising event or function, remember to hold your wine glass correctly take care of both your image and wine!


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